All the Tassels, No Hassles

Happy Saturday guys! I am loving this tassel top I got from Zara. I wore it to work this week and got so many compliments! I even inspired my bestie to get the same one and of course my sister too. Zara is a frequent stop for me (especially since I work a couple blocks away from one) and the first time I saw this shirt it immediately caught my eye. I didn’t buy it though, cause I wasn’t sure if it was my style. After a couple more trips to Zara, I kept running into this top but still didn’t pull the trigger. It was still on my mind a couple weeks later so I finally ordered it online and wore it right away. It’s definitely going to be a regular in my Spring/Summer rotation.

Tassels are so cute and fun and add a little something extra to any piece. You can play with tassels in so many different ways and it’s definitely a trend that I hope sticks around. Here are some of my other favorite tassel items.


FullSizeRender (44)FullSizeRender (55)FullSizeRender (54)FullSizeRender (63)


FullSizeRender (42)FullSizeRender (48)FullSizeRender (58)


FullSizeRender (49)


FullSizeRender (41)FullSizeRender (45)FullSizeRender (50)FullSizeRender (60)FullSizeRender (62)



FullSizeRender (43)FullSizeRender (56)FullSizeRender (57)FullSizeRender (59)


FullSizeRender (40)FullSizeRender (46)FullSizeRender (53)FullSizeRender (52)FullSizeRender (51)FullSizeRender (61)


FullSizeRender (47)

Which category is your favorite?! I’m really loving the earrings and bags… and shoes and pretty much everything haha! Even though they all have tassels they all have such different looks, which I love.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! XO

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