Loving Leather

Who doesn’t love a good leather jacket? Pretty sure it’s a staple that every girl owns. There are so many other categories to play with in leather! I have always loved incorporating leather into my outfits in different ways. It can take an otherwise basic outfit and make it a little more unique and special. These leather shorts, for example, is a fun way to bring a material that’s more often seen in Fall/Winter, into the warmer months. They are perfect for a night out, a special day event, or even to work (if your office allows shorts). I have been wanting them for the longest time, but the ones I’ve seen have never been quite right. I didn’t want them to be too short or tight, cause let’s face it, no one wants leather sticking to their bum! The leg on these is just wide enough to give me room to breath. I also love how high waisted they are – sooo flattering! I love being able to tuck tops into them or pair them with a crop top for a sexier look. They can be dressed up or down, like I did here with just a basic tee.


Another leather item on my want list is a pair of leather overalls! I am just getting into the overall trend (just got my first pair of denim ones so stay tuned) and I loooove how they look in leather. The only problem is, all of the one’s I’ve seen are quite expensive and I’m not sure I want to splurge on such a trendy item. I also prefer faux to real, cause I’m all about the animals. I love a good fashion challenge though, so I’m not giving up on finding the perfect pair!

FullSizeRender (39)

Okay, I am OBSESSED with this body suit. Not sure it’s as versatile for warmer months but I am still in love. It is suchhhh a splurge though I would never do it, even though it is faux. How cute would this look with a pair of high waisted jeans or a sexy pencil skirt? Ugh, dying. This is another one I am going to keep hunting for because I need it in my life.

FullSizeRender (36)

Leather bralette? Yes, pleeeaseeee! Paired under a blazer with high waisted bottoms – so simple yet so chic. Taking something basic, like a bralette, and doing it in leather is such an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe. I feel like it would be so easy to throw this on and you still have a kiss-ass outfit. I think this needs to go on my list too. Soon my whole wardrobe is going to be leather and I won’t be mad about it 🙂

FullSizeRender (37)

Everything above is linked! What’s your favorite piece? Any other leather suggestions, send them my way!!

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