Getting Skintimate

My skin is something I have never been completely comfortable with. It has never been flawless, but always manageable – until recently. These past few months I have been struggling with adult acne and it has really taken a toll on me. I have always been a very confident person but my cystic acne has robbed me of that confidence. Whenever I have gotten pimples in the past it’s just been one or two on my chin and I have always been able to cover them. Since November, they have been popping up in the middle of my cheeks and have become more difficult to hide.

Around the time my acne started getting worse, I had been taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Little did I know, too much biotin, which is the main ingredient, can actually have a negative affect and make your skin worse. After learning this, I immediately stopped taking the vitamins but my skin kept getting worse.

I never had a real skincare routine. I’ve always used drug store products and never thought twice about it. A friend recommended Murad products and I was willing to try anything so I bought the cleanser, toner, spot treatment, lightening serum, a day moisturizer and one for night time. It wasn’t until after I purchased basically every product they sell that I read the reviews and they were not good. But I stuck with it, morning and night, thinking that if it worked for my friend it may work for me too. It was not working for me. At first I thought, oh it just gets worse before it gets better, but after about three months I gave up on Murad.

The only thing I could do was to learn how to cover my acne. I am no makeup expert whatsoever, and just like my skincare products, all my makeup came from the drugstore as well. What I do know is that I like a lot of coverage with a matte finish because I do get very oily throughout the day. I am not usually a fan of liquid foundation, but there are very few loose powders out there so I’ve had to try them. There are three foundations that I have been trying out recently and I still use my Neutrogena loose powder on top to finish it off. For reference, I use color Natural Ivory 20 when I’m really pale, Buff 30 when I have a little more color and Nude 40 when I have a good tan. The three liquid foundations I have been trying are Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation and Clarins Everlasting Foundation.

I have been using Hourglass the longest and I’ve been very happy with it. I also use the Hourglass Veil Primer and I love it. The foundation is oil free, which is perfect for me. By itself, the coverage actually isn’t super heavy but it works really nicely with my loose powder. It’s very natural looking and really does keep me shine free all day. It also feels really nice going on – it’s not too heavy or cakey, which is usually what I don’t like about liquid foundation, but still gives me the coverage I need. I use color ‘natural’ in the winter and I’ll definitely need to pick out a darker shade when I’m tan this summer.

I wasn’t even looking for a new foundation but I was shopping in Macy’s with a friend and she recommended Dermablend, knowing how uncomfortable I’ve been with my acne. It was made for covering scars and tattoos so I was intrigued and willing to give it shot. It’s highly pigmented so it really does provide a lot of coverage. It’s not super matte but not too dewey either. At first, I really liked it but then I started to feel like it looked a little caked on and clay like and not as natural looking. I will still use it when my skin is extra bad but if I don’t need it, I prefer Hourglass. Right now, I would use color 25N.

When I recently got my makeup done for my mom’s birthday, the makeup artist used Clarins foundation on me. I really liked the way it looked and I usually don’t when I get it done professionally so I was pleasantly surprised. I took home some samples before deciding if I want to make the switch and I’m glad because it turns out, it’s not my favorite. It doesn’t cover as much as I would like but it looks like I’m wearing a lot of makeup, which defeats the purpose. But my sister actually really likes it, so it really depends on your skin and what you’re looking for. Something good did come out of this though! The makeup artist had some really good home remedies for treating redness and blemishes that I have never heard about! Honey and lemon – but not together! She told me to rub raw honey on my face and let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. I was skeptical but I googled it and it’s a thing! I think it really has been helping with the redness and inflammation. I’ve also been trying the lemon, which I am not as big of a fan of. As you could image it stung on my face and I couldn’t leave it on for more than a couple minutes.

I also paid a visit to the dermatologist. He gave me two different topical creams to try – Epiduo and Aczone. I have been switching off every other night and it took a couple weeks to start working but it has helped. The Epiduo was very drying at first but once my skin got used to it it was fine.

The thing that has made the biggest difference so far was a facial! I swear the esthetician at Mosaic Wellness and Beauty in Tinton Falls, NJ was a magician! She customized my facial to my specific needs and I noticed a drastic difference almost immediately. Not to get gross but she cleaned out all of my blemishes and used micro current to dry everything up. She also sent me home with some great products to try (she even gave me some from her personal stash for me to try before buying – love her!!) and some great advice. She told me to wipe my face with a wash cloth after cleansing instead of rinsing with water and that I would notice a difference in a couple weeks. I noticed a difference way before that! I am amazed at how much better my skin has gotten in such a short period of time. I still have a long way to go to get rid of some scarring and marks but I will definitely be back for another facial with Gabrielle!

If you guys have any other tricks or recommendations, I would love to hear them! It’s hard to open up about adult acne but it’s something a lot of people suffer from and we’re all in it together! If Kendall Jenner can deal with it in, then so can we!

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  1. I love how open you are about your skincare routine and the journey you’re on to boost your self esteem! It’s difficult to deal with, but you’re taking all the right steps. I personally haven’t had a facial yet, i’m impressed it made the biggest difference for you so far. I’ll have to check out my local area!


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