Putting My ‘Vest’ Foot Forward

In case you guys don’t know, I am OBSESSED with vests. I’m not sure when the obsession started but over the years I have accumulated quite a few. Whenever I’m shopping with friends or my mom and sister and they see me gravitate towards a vest they tell me I’m not allowed to buy anymore haha. I just think they pull any outfit together and add a little something extra. It’s also a no brainer when you can’t figure out what to wear in the morning. I try to plan my outfits the night before but sometimes they don’t come out as cute as they were in my head. I know I’m not the only one who has had those mornings trying on a million things and nothing looks right! It’s so easy to just throw on jeans and a tee, throw a vest over it and you have an adorable, put together, effortless outfit. I tend to stick to all black and let my vests be the focus. It’s also a sneaky way to get away with wearing leggings without looking like you’re just wearing leggings because you have an adorable vest over them 😉

The best is when it’s not too cold and a vest is enough without a jacket. I don’t want my outfit covered up! It’s also an extra layer if it does get a little chilly. I can’t wait for spring for that reason alone! There’s nothing better than being able to leave the house with no jacket. They are also great in the winter under a jacket for added warmth on those frigid days.

I also love how they can be super casual, like a puffer style, super chic like a faux fur, or even a little edgy with leather. There’s seriously a different vest for every mood and every style! Here’s some of my favorite looks!

Street style
Leather – but not too edgy!
Can never go wrong with faux fur
My favorite of all time

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